zondag, februari 18, 2007

scrappersblock again?

hi there,
well I've got this great new paper, cute pics and no inspiration, nothing fun comes out of my hands, well at least not in scrapping! Too bad! Just wait a couple of days and it will be back I'm sure. Instead I made loads of pictures, wrote a whole lot as well, and I tried to finish a LO that I was working on but I really don't like how it turned out. Well, can't have it all right?
Just some random stuff to share!
Here's a frame I bought for christmas, with and old picture of us

Here's a funky vase we bought a while ago

And last but not least my bazzill stash

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micayla zei

Dude you have sooooo much bazzill, im jealous!!! Im having a bit of scrappers block too, so i have just brought some new stash to inspire me!!! Hope it helps as im so poor!!!