woensdag, februari 07, 2007

New books

hi there! How are you?
I am full of inspiration and I am anxiously waiting for the new papers to arrive! So I can actually turn my ideas in an actual paper version! For Elsie's line I have to be patient the most as it will be shipped half of April so it should be in stores at the end of april.
Now I am working on a kind of emotional album. I've been through a rough peroid and I had to get my 3 loving cats in a new home as I had to go and live with my parents again (this was a few years ago)and I felt heartbroken.Then when I finally got a place to live again for my own (well together with my big love) I really wanted to have a cat of my own again. Igor had 2 pretty and sweet cats but I really wanted "my own" so when we met Browny for the first time it was love at first sight and I knew he was ment to be with us. After a few weeks we could finally pick him up and bring him home. I loved him to pieces but unfortunately he got very very ill and died within 24 hours. I was devistated and still feel sad whenever I see his pictures (which is in a very nice frame in our livingroom) but now I decided it was time to give it a good place in my heart and mind and decided to dedicate a book about him. I made this great piano hinge album and printed pictures. Here is a sneak peak, just finished the book there

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*Fauve* zei

What a sad story :( But good you decided to start a book about it.! question...HOW MANY CATS DO YOU HAVE??

angel zei

I've got 4 cats right now
1 norwegian forest cat called Silver, he will be 6 this summer.
One "normal" cat called Tim, he looks like a cow and he will be 6 as well. Then there's Mystic Silver but we call him Misty, he will be 2 this summer and then there's little miss duchess daisy and she is now 15 months old and the last 2 are both ragdolls.

*Fauve* zei

WOW that are a lot of cats LOL
Ive got 2 cats Chupy and ChuChu :D

Please show us your Elsie sketches @ twopeas!!