dinsdag, maart 04, 2008

it has been

a few days... but here I am again! I finished 2 more weddinglo's for our own album, and I finished the 2 gifts for our parents. Today I will start on a new one again, got a whole stack of photo's so I wont be bored! I just hope my packages from the states will arrive soon!

Here are the lo's! On the first one I used an overlay of Fancy Pants. I made the swirls myself from cardstock and then embossed them with silver. A lot of work but it's worth it.
This one is done with lace paper from KI Memories, I really regret not buying more as I so love this paper! I also used my new.... HOTFIX on this one, as a try out. I need a little more practise! The pin I used (right bottom) is a pin from my wedding bouquet.

Then there's another dentist appointment today! yuck! Again a bit nervous but today will be the last time for this 1 tooth! Tonight I will have a pretty and whole and healthy tooth again! And then the other appointments will start for little cavities.

I am doing great without the meds although it is still very heavy and I need to get used to things again. I'm really tired of it as well, it costs me so much energy! But when I succeed doing something I am so proud that it gives me energy as well. I also lost 9 lbs by now (4 kilo's) so that's going really great! I already fit 1 size down!

We also got new neighbours that I met today. They have a little son that loved all of our animals and was totally in love with 1 of the baby bunnys I took downstairs (so was his mom lol).

Well that's it for now, I am going to make a shirt with the hotfix now! And then scrap on as my sis and BIL will come next tuesday so I can show them lots and loads!! (they want me to make their weddingalbum in september!)
bye for now and please leave a message, I would love that!

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Jan zei

I am enjoying the wedding layouts, they are beautiful! Good luck with the last dental apptmt. Mine is next Monday. Yuck, but it has to be done sometimes, eh?!!