donderdag, februari 28, 2008


Ok I scrapped a lot the past 2 days to get the first pics done, as my fingers were itching to get started. I couldn't wait for the pics to arrive that I ordered online so I printed a few myself. Now I am done with the first 3 lo's and my pics aren't in yet. I think I might print 1 more pic to scrap. I think the others will be in tomorrow.
This is the frontpage for our weddingalbum, the pic was taken in the car

The actual spread!
Page 2 from the spread

This is page 1 from a spread

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Jules zei

Those are great LOs, and great photos too! You sure did get started quickly on the wedding photos!

Lori zei

Beautiful!!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

Amadia zei

How very sweet! I am sure that I would be chomping at the bit to do some LOs after my wedding too.

Lisa zei


Rosalynn zei

Your layouts are beautiful!!!