zondag, maart 30, 2008


for this week? Well we have "datenight" this week! We're going to see this musical on wednesday! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. A big crowd still frightens me a little but I know I'll manage!

Then it's "dateDAY" again on Saturday, as it is my birthday and we always go and do something fun. We plan on going to the "Apenheul" but it depends on the weather. I haven't thought of plan B yet just in case it might rain or so. Any tips?
Sunday I will "celebrate" my birthday for our parents/sisters but that's it. I've had 2 exciting days then, I really would like to have a day off on sunday.
This week I am expecting 3 packages (yes 3!!)2 of scrapstuff (one from the states and one from scrapfever) and 1 of art supplies. So next week I'll be creative a lot (I hope) I also ordered a bottle of MOJO so I hope it's in stock ;-)

What else? Oh the bunnies are doing soooo great and growing so fast. Just 2 more weeks of enjoying them and then it's over :-( After they will move to their new house, we will start redoing that room. That will be the new scraproom/airbrushroom. It's lighter there, more space (this room has a partially roof so no straight wall on 1 side) more options so looking forwards to doing that! I'm in charge so I can choose all colors and materials! Yeah! Any ideas? Please leave a pic of your scraproom!
That's it, I'm going to find some left-over mojo and scrap for a photoswap!

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Magpie zei

I hope that bottle of mojo is in stock! Can you let me know where you ordered it from--I could use a fresh supply myself!