zaterdag, maart 08, 2008


hi girls/guys,

An update on the bunny; he died fridaynight :-( It was my first baby pet ever so it was difficult for me so I burried him in our garden, I am such a sob! Maybe because more stuff happened that made me feel a bit sad so it all came together.

Then I had to go on with the rest of the weekend and tried to make the best out of it. Yesterdaymorning I shopped for presents for amanda. She send me this great package from the states that I will show later on.
I played with my hotfix on a shirt for myself and love how that turned out! I scrapped some (no pics yet as it is not finished in my opinion) I worked the garden as well! I loved it and I missed it so much. So this morning I got up and the weather was great again. I did some groceryshopping as my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow and then went outside again. A big part of the garden now is "weedfree". Just the right side but that's not such a big part and around the pond as well. Then it is all ok again! Don't know if I'll manage to do it all today but hé it's a start!
Tomorrow the weather will be bad so can't continue then.

This is about my weekend, hope you have a great one!

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Jan zei

Gardening! Here we are having a blizzard, literally. We had about 4-5 inches of snow at bedtime, and now it looks like we're up to 8 or more. The snow is supposed to continue till 4 p.m. (about 6 more hours)! Last time we had this much snow was 12 years ago, lol! Makes my yard look like a winter wonderland, but really I know that underneath is a crumbling brick planter, plus lots of weeds and debris waiting to be cleared out so that summer flowers can someday thrive.