zaterdag, maart 22, 2008

My husband

is the best ever! Did I tell you that already? Why? Well he works his butt off at times and what did he do yesterday? Spoil me rotten!!! Ok I lost over 12 lbs (5,5 kilo's) so I needed a little new clothing, I needed new shoes as my old boots broke at the zipper, and my sportshoes are all done! So he bought me a pair of new boots ánd sporty shoes! Then I sorted out my make up and I could throw away a lot as it was not good anymore. Like lipsticks etc. What did Igor do? Bought me new make up! And the right colors and everything! Ain't he the cutest thing ever?

We also went to the art supply store in Amersfoort and he bought me Gesso, brushes, watercolors and pencils! (ok he bought himself some stuff too, but hé he can ofcourse spoil himself too after such hard work!). We visited the healthfoodstore too which is just across the street there. We bought rice dream and honey and stuff. (after that be went buying the clothes and make up and stuff here in our village).
Then it was easter time! So I bought these things! I just HAD to buy these colorful eastereggs!

Present for my Mother in Law

Present for my mom

Little deco in our home LOL. Still didn't put away the wedding stuff!

So now I am trying to paint! I made another fairy, which even looks better that the first one but still too difficult for what I want. Anyway I am painting it right now with the new watercolors. I used a book of Linda Ravenschoft to try and draw them, just as a guidline to explore my own figure.

The next pics are especially for Sue!!


4 opmerkingen:

Nat zei

Looks like a really cool and wonderful day you had! Love those cute bunny pictures! Happy Easter to you!!!

Jan C. zei

Wow, sounds like you are being spoiled to the max. What fun! Love the bunny pictures; they are adorable!

Jackie zei

Wat een schatjes...
en wat ben je lekker verwend...
Heerlijk al 5.5 kilo kwijt....

Fijne pasen

Sharmaine zei

What wonderful presents!! Love the bulbs!
Cute CUTE bunnies!