vrijdag, maart 14, 2008

Feeling like a million $$$

Well here I am again with a pic-overload! Don't you just love those? Well I do! So here we go!

These are lo's I made in the past few days about the wedding (ofcourse). I also started a new workshop I really like! I haven't finished it yet but when I do I will show it ofcourse! I am so looking forward to actually getting started, I am preparring now which is a lot of work, well I am making it a lot of work LOL.

These are pics of the content of a package I got from my lovely friend Amanda. She made me necklaces...

Send me a whole bunch of fun scrapstuff, a lot of wedding embellies which ofcourse I can use! Pink ribbons and a lovely pack of paper to make a minialbum!

And a cookbook! I love cooking and asked here for typical American Recipes and maybe some texmex food well here you go! Haven't used it yet but I will this weekend! Ginger chicken is on the menu!

Here a pic of last night. Igor and I went shopping and in the end I felt like Julia Robberts in pretty woman, love that feeling! We were both walking around with pretty bag and all. We bought this amongst other things! Oh and we found out our favorite Italian IceCream placed opened again so we just HAD to buy a big big cup of icecream to take home (1 liter) yummmmmm!!!

All in all we had a great few days, did a lot of fun stuff and hopefully it will stay this way! I am still enjoying the company of those little bunny's although they are not that little anymore! We enlarged their livingspace by placing a little fence in the room so they can also get out of the huge cage and papabunny can't reach them or mommy bunny! (don't want her to get pregnant again straight away ofcourse!)

Well I am off cooking for now, and enjoying a nice and quiet evening on the couch watching TV for a change! Have a great weekend


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Jan zei

Girl, I didn't know you loved cooking and wanted typical American recipes! I love to cook, too. Have you ever looked at the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog? I don't know the address offhand, but look her up and you will be wowed.