zaterdag, maart 15, 2008

lookie what I got this time!!!

I got my package from the states today, a present. The newest My mind's eye 29th street market and a few aspergues. Some cards, overlays etc. I love it! The paper is so strong! I know I can make fun stuff with that!

Today I also found out my LO was used in an add for a Dutch scrap "convention". I was surprised as I really didn't know it was being used for that! Still waiting for the mag to come out though, I haven't seen it in shops here so maybe I've missed it? I mailed the woman from the mag already. So curious!

We also became uncle and aunt this week! Igors sister gave birth to a little baby boy named Casper, so cute! She's doing fine and hopefully we'll visit them soon.
No other news at this point. Have a great weekend all!

4 opmerkingen:

Ladybastard zei

wooooooow lucky you ^_^
how many goodies!!
thanx for the comment ;)

StarrAltered zei

LOVE new scrappin' goodies :)

Jackie zei

Zo weer eens ff de tijd genomen...
WOUW wat heb je weer veel prachtige layouts gemaakt..

En dat pakketje, KWIJL !!!
Heel veel plezier ermee

Mika zei

Great stuff you buy and congrats with your nephew. Hope you find out in what mag your in. Hope to see you around. Mika (