maandag, februari 04, 2008


It has been a great while since I last blogged! Can't believe it! I have been extremely busy so that's why I didn't blog!
Ofcourse with our upcoming wedding; scrapping for.... well can't tell you yet! Having to visit several doctors but don't worry I am ok! (and no not pregnant!), and taking care of some other stuff, but I'll keep that private if you don't mind. All good things though.

As I said I have been scrapping like crazy too! Assignments, for different things, and presents, a journal just for myself and preparing some other stuff!
As a present for our parents I made an accordion album (or zig zag album) in an envelope that again I saw on 2peas. Here you can find all pics of it, it's worth looking at! I love it sooo much (by the way, sisters, if you see this please don't tell moms and dads!) Here are a few of them:

Ain't they cute? I almost don't want to give it away. Oh and IRL the colors are prettier and I made this from the scrapkit of scrapfever by the way!

Then I made this lo about my sweetie, I love how soft and yet manly it became; see for your self

I love the pic; how he is enjoying the sun and halfway to dreamland!
Our bunny hasn't got any babies yet, I think she wasn't pregnant at all, but our other bunny made her pregnant and she started nesting right after that. But we'll see what happens. It might be she just was pregnant when we got her, then she'll have her babies within a week, otherwise it will be around February 17th! So looking forward to that! Love bunnies a whole lot!

When you think the weather is improving, it started to snow saturday! Enjoyed it but the snow was gone as quickly as it came, too bad!

And then I have to go to the dentist this Thursday! I am a bit nervous about that but I know I will be ok (as I keep telling myself that lol). A friend of mine once said: "If I can do it, I am sure you can do it too." I know where that is coming from so I keep that in mind as well.

Well that's it for today before I keep on rambling about! Have a great day/evening oh and Amanda thanks loads dear! You know what for! xxx

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Magpie zei

I thought you were never going to update your blog! But I can understand how busy you must be, with the big day only 9 days away! Love the projects you created. Oh, and good luck at the dentist!

Jules zei

Oh wow that is a great LO and love the little album!

Lizz zei

ADORABLE Accordian album! Love it!

Magpie zei

Lol, Angela, I think you jinxed me. How much more alike could we be from across the globe? Today one of my molars broke and I ended up (drumroll) at the dentist! Have to go back in a couple of weeks to get started on a crown.

It wasn't too bad. I lived. So don't let yourself get too anxious about it.

*Fauve* zei

Beautiful,i luv those colors of your layout!

Jackie zei

love that little book..
Sweet colors, your parents goine love it..

just a couple of day's Girl !!!