woensdag, februari 27, 2008

Photo's are in!!!

Yay I am happy now! Our wedding pics are in and guess what I did? Ordered lots of them and printed some of them and now I am scrapping my b*tt off! So happy with that!

Also still enjoying the little babys as they are way too cute! I feel great!

This is a pic I took at the Zoo in Amsterdam by the way that I seriously LOVE!

And I wanted to share some of the "deck of me" cards that I made the past few days, so here they are:

My cards have 2 sides. A front like this is, and then on the back I write something personel about this topic. On the back of the second card it says that I can be so Impatient sometimes, how I love to feel balanced and more calm as I always feel in a rush. This is one of my pretties cards I think (at this moment)

Well I am off again, still in doubt what to do as the weather is fabulous as well and I could use the sunlight too! Maybe take a walk to the postoffice to mail off some stuff!

2 opmerkingen:

Ann(i)e Hafermann zei

ahhhhh can't wait to see some of the layouts you do with your wedding pics...SHARE!!!

Lisa zei

Your cards are pretty and the baby bunnies are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing your wedding photos! :)