maandag, februari 18, 2008

wedding's over/the day after...

Well ok a few days after! I am sorry to say I can't share pics yet of us as we don't have any yet. I hope to get them tonight from family and friends but here are some pics we shot ourselves.

This was my bouquet! White big roses with golden hearts

This is the bouquet for our car, a classic citroen traction.

The day was wonderful, and we were spoiled rotten by everyone! Thank you guys and girls all soooo much! We really enjoyed having you all and our wedding was truely complete as it was!

The funny thing is that I thought I would be soooo nervous but I wasn't at all! Just a slight bit when we had to cut the cake and actually eating it! Strange moment he? I tried to enjoy everything and really get things to the core of my soul, printed in my memory for ever and ever. It was a day to never forget, and we will never forget! See you all soon again. Big hugs and kisses and loads of love!


9 opmerkingen:

jconnair zei

Your rose bouquet was gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Jackie zei

Wouw, die bloemen zijn echt heel erg mooi...
En die ringen, Prachtig !!!

Moet echt een super dat voor je geweest zijn...

a.l. clark zei

How original, I have never seen hearts in the bouquet before. Very pretty.

Nat zei

What a wonderful bouquet!!! Congratulations!!!

Lori zei

Your flowers are gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!!

Shalay zei

I love your flowers! I may just have to copy those...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful wedding! Congratulations!

Christine zei

congratulations! May you have many many more years together!

Sharmaine zei

Oh they are gorgeous!!
YAY :)

CĂ©line zei

Wat een onwijs mooi boeket! Alsnog een keer gefeliciteerd en ik hoop snel foto's van je jurk enzo te zien. Ben heel nieuwsgierig namelijk.
Groetjes xxx