vrijdag, februari 08, 2008

new lo

hi girls!
Wow can't believe it is just 1 week to go! Then I will be his wife! After 24 years! Unbelievable!

Ok in short: I have known Igor ever since he was 6 and we were little kids but there was an instant click from both sides that never left us. So after 24 years we are finally officially each others! Really LOVE this idea! So it's going to be an emotional, memorable, thoughtfull, exciting and crazy but such a great week for us! So I'm not sure I will be here a lot, but ofcourse afterwards I will be! (or not; I might be scrapping my big butt of with our weddingpics LOL)

Here's a LO I did the other day! It's not what I expected but I think it's ok enough. Well I am off scrapping again to finish some stuff to show later on!

2 opmerkingen:

Michelle zei

Beautiful layout!! LOVE the colors and the photo!

Magpie zei

You've known each other since he was 6?!!! That's pretty crazy, but a sweet story to tell your future kids.