maandag, februari 25, 2008

Just some

random photosharing! I made this cute mozaik of our baby bunnies. The photo's were taken yesterday so they were 1 week old exactly! Here they are, aren't they cute? The light ones have small ears like mom, and the darker ones have bigger ears like dad! (click to enlarge) Then I did some scrapping! I finished both my lo's for the magazine that I can't show ofcourse and I made 2 cards. Here they are:

I still have no wedding pics but I am sure I will have them this week! Can't wait! I am really excited to do some serious scrapping now! If all goes well I will get a package from the states this week too! Kind of like a present! And today I have to go back to the dentist again to finish the root canal that was done 3 weeks ago. Now I will get my actual filling. I know it doesn't hurt or is as serious as the root canal but I am still a bit nervous! I don't even know why!
What else? Well I have been working on the deck of me again. I finished 14 cards but then for some reason I didn't continue so I picked it up again! Hope to have them all finished this year! Then I will make another one but more like the One little word thing. You'll see that soon too! Oh and my "confessions" are still going on but in a book now and wanted to show you when it is all finished so no pics yet sorry!
Gotta get goin'!

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jconnair zei

The bunnies are adorable. I just got finished showing the pictures to my youngest son, who thought they were totally cute.

Good luck with the crown. That part usually does not hurt at all. I can't remember if they numb you up, but they just pop off the temporary crown, glue down the nice one, and shape it a bit to make sure your bite is comfortable. Then you are on your way home.

Ryzmomplus2 zei

those bunnies are the sweetest things!!! Great cards too!

Jackie zei

ooo, wat vreselijk schattig !!!