zaterdag, januari 26, 2008

confession #4

as said yesterday, here's #4! I am not very happy how it turned out but ok too bad!
I saw this great idea on 2 peas today which I will work on for next week(s).

2 peas in a big source of inspiration to me at the moment! Love to look at what others make, read what kind of workshops there are and also see what the people made from it and get my own ideas from thereon.
Today I picked up my fixed weddingdress and it looks even better now than it did before! Just 2 more weeks and 6 days! Love the idea of that! It's getting so close now! Everything is going sooooo well! All appointments are good, arrangements are made and confirmed etc. I found a beauticien who will do my make up (thanks cindy) and the hairdresser (thanks Nienke) are arranged as well! This tuesday we will pick up the rings (as we were supposed to last thursday) and do the last little things! So excited and not really nervous! Actually we are both looking forward to it a whole lot and we seem to be more in love than before! Spending a lot of quality time together at the moment and enjoying every minute of it.
I am so happy ty has turned for us! It has been a difficult time for us for some time but luck is on our side again! We decided to forget the past, and everybody in it, who made out life somewhat difficult and start all over again (the secret) a new life, a new year; a new beginning and it feels soooooo good! Some will be missed some not at all, some are good memories others are erased! We are truly happy at this point. A whole lot will change too this year, only for the better. We are both getting a lot of good opportunities for our future and we will take them with both hands. Still can't tell too much about this yet, but believe me it is GOOD!!!! So you probably can tell we are still in the "positive mode" and we probably will be for the rest of this year!
Hugs and love (to all who need it)

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WriterGirl zei

looking good, girl!

Lisa zei

aw.. sounds so good. I'm glad you are thinking positive and looking forward. It's the only way to go :) I hope you have the wedding day you have always wanted and much happiness!!

Magpie zei

Less than 3 weeks to go--that is so exciting! Glad you are in such a good place!