woensdag, februari 20, 2008

Bunny's and assignments

Sorry no pics of us yet but they'll be here soon. I do have a picture of the bunny nest and you can see some pink thingys. Those are the baby's! I so love this! Just a few more days and we can actually see them. I leave them alone as much as I can because I really want them to have a stress-free start. I think that's very important. Mommy bunny is doing great, eats like a horse and is soooo sweet! She lets me go near her baby's, clean the cage out a bit, feed her from my hand etc and she's such a doll! I love her to pieces! There are at least 4 bunny's in there as far as I can see and I can't wait to be in the middle of my 6 bunny's then! Can you tell I love animals? LOL

Well I am off scrapping on an assignment I got from a Dutch magazine, it's so hard as they want me to make something with a product I never use! But it's a true challenge for me and it's working out pretty well. The mag I am printed in will be in stores this week I think so I'll be heading for the store every day by now ;-) I will show you when I've got a copy!
Bye for now, the happy bride!

2 opmerkingen:

Lisa zei

Congrats on being published! Wow :)

And the little bunnies are sweet. I'm glad you explained the picture, because I would have never figured it out. Would love to see pics with they are a little older :)

jess zei

WOW!! that photo of the bunnies is impressive!! Cant wait for them to hatch(?!!??) and see photos of them hopping around!!!

Xx Jess