zaterdag, juni 27, 2009

updates on babies!

Well hopefully this is my last pregnancy-update! I am 39 weeks and 3 days today, just 4 more days untill my due-date and I am tired! I really want her to come out now! But she doesn't agree so it seems! Anyway, yesterday I thought labor had started so I took some last-minute bellyshots, only it all stopped after a short while, so she tricked me again! Here they are:

It's really warm and humid at the moment here, it has been for the past 3 days and I seem to be coping well actually, but I sweat a whole lot, so another excuse to take extra showers ;-)

And then our kittens, what a lovelies they are! I am still madly in love with them! We are getting to know them pretty well and they both have totally different characters! Eros is the big cuddle and wants to cuddle and sleep all day long!! He loves eating as well, but preferably our food instead of his own!

Eos is a very bright and playful little girl who really lives up to her name (Eos is a God of the wind) and sprints through the whole house like the wind! She likes to tease the other cats as well. They are both doing great and they make me laugh a whole lot. They are so adorable! Our other cats seem to think so too after 1 week! Misty can't let them out of his sight and follows them where ever they go! Tim is often used as beanbag/pillow and he doesn't mind at all.
This is little Eros, pretty boy!
Tim and Eos, look at the difference! He looks twice as big now!

I have decided to update my pet-blog as I haven't used it in a long time, nice way to waste time while "waiting" for our baby to arrive! So that's what I'll be doing these couple of days I guess! CU next time, with hopefully some cute baby-pics! In the mean while I'll keep on enjoying our 2 little funnies!
Little Eos, being in a playfull mood here

2 opmerkingen:

Ria zei

Hey Angela!! Ik had net een berichtje geschreven op het RS forum...ik miste je al...maar zo te zien was vandaag nog niets aan de hand...voel je je nog goed??
en wat heerlijk dat die kleine katjes goed uit de voeten bij jullie kunnen! Hou je kalm met dat klamme weer....

natacha zei

hey angela,
hoop voor jou ook dat dit de laatste update was
de laatste lootjes wegen nu wel heel zwaar denk ik
zeker met die warmte
je katjes zien er toch wel leuk uit
al zijn dat niet mijn favoriete beestjes
liefs natacha xxx