vrijdag, juli 03, 2009

in the kitchen

Another pre-baby update! Nope still no little girl in my arms here, too bad. It's still really hot out here so her coming out would be a very good thing as I am blowing up like crazy, my feet and leggs are really bad! I almost sleep all day and am awake all night, well a few hours. I do stay in bed most of the time to rest but like this morning I had to go to the toilet at 4 and then decided to do some laundry! A pregnant womans crazy things right?

Yesterday I came along to our veg-patch that DH kept and maintained over the past couple of weeks on his own. It's not that I didn't want to help (cause I really really do!) but I just couldn't anymore, my belly hurted a lot after I worked there so I had to give that up. We just went before dinner to get some veggies and boy does the garden look magnificent! I am so proud of him! We got some great veggies for dinner. Here are the pics.

Then today I got my order from an online pie/cupcake baking shop. Someone reminded me how much fun I used to have making those and since I am bored out of my mind I decided to at least order a book on decorating, so I did and it came in today. This is the one I got:
I also ordered some paper cups, a tip, glitter, icing and powder for buttercream. So if tomorrow there's still no baby, I will make some pink cupcakes in cups with hearts on them and pink glitter on the white buttercream! Just trying out some fun stuff!

The cats are doing great too! Tim is absolutely their favorite as he is a big cuddle, he accepts them and cuddles them back too. Misty is their playmate, they chase his tail around a lot and he loves it! He's a kitten all over again as well although he is 3 times their size! And you would think it's hot, the cats might be hot too right? Nope! Eos is still sleeping under the covers/sheets!!

Well this is it for today, hopefully I will be back soon with finally some baby-pics but I think she's doing fine in here and not ready/willing to come out yet!

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