vrijdag, juni 05, 2009

update 36 weeks and 2 days

Well here are some new pics of me and my belly ;-)

Today I had another check up, (from now on every week until she's born) and I am ok again. My bloodpressure was fine, the babys heart sounded ok and she's gone all the way down and ready to come out! The midwife said it won't take long before she does. I think she's right as I had some cramps and stuff going on for the past 3 nights! I need to keep her in for another 5 days otherwise I have to deliver in hospital and I really want to do this at home!
I still feel fine, I still can enjoy the little girl inside of me and I am still not tired of it! I don't mind if she will be born early but I don't mind at all if she will hang in there for a few more weeks!
It's friday again which means lazy food and lazy evenings! I love those! We will get a roasted chicken down town, a baquette, some herb-butter, and fresh salads and fruits from the veggiestore and yummy that's our meal! Usually we watch a dvd or something we taped. At night there's dancing with the stars which we both enjoy too! Igor usually comes to bed with me then as my belly gives up and gets tired around 8.30 pm. So we have a cozy night ahead of us!
BTW Igor is such a sweety, he takes care of me so well! He does the heavy groceries and other duties, helps me out, helps me get up, does everything I ask him to and more! And... he's a bit nervous hehehe so cute and sweet! But he is so looking forward to meeting his daughter, it's adorable!!! I love him to pieces!
Well, have a great weekend, enjoy and hopefully till the next update!!!

5 opmerkingen:

Anam_Kihaku zei

awesome photos & News :) hopeing everything goes your way.

Mariska W. zei

Wow Angela.. wat een mooie buik. Fijn te lezen dat alles goed is.. nog even en dan is het zover.. ze komt vanzelf.. geniet er gewoon van.


Chantal zei

jeetje meid wat een buik ....
geniet er nog maar even van!!

Ria zei

kanonne Angela! Je buik is prachtig, maar wel groot zeg...:D Een stevige dame? Fijn om te horen dat alles goed gaat...dat is tenslotte wat het belangrijkste is...nog even lekker rusten hoor!

Rbarakat zei

Angela I am so glad everything is going well! (Well exept for the pain! :( hang in there it's almost over... or really just beginning! Congrats!