dinsdag, juni 23, 2009

Little kitty update

Finally Sunday our kittens came and we had so much fun! They are doing sooooo well! I am falling in love with them a little more every day, which actually is possible so it seems! I am getting to know them bit by bit and I love them like crazy already!
This pic was taken yesterdaymorning, about 15 minutes after I got out of bed and had my check up at home from the midwife so I was only dressed and had brushed my teeth so don't mind the hair please! The kittens both love to spend time on my chest and belly and they did that a whole lot yesterday! I didn't mind at all, nice and warm and soft and cuddly!

This one was taken later on in the afternoon, it's their sleeping basket which they love a whole lot, there's still a lot of room to have to both of them in there. They know this basket as the cattery has the same one! aren't they gorgeous? I love the color of their eyes!
This one was taken today, this afternoon. The little girl was fast asleep and this little fellow was feeling brave enough to explore the big outdoors all on his own between 3 of the 4 bigger and hairy cats! He enjoyed the sun a lot but can't be in there too long as he can get sunburn. So now DH is buying some sunscreen so he can go out again tomorrow if he likes! The night went well, contact with the other cats is improving by the hour, our ragdolls think they are a bit scary though but they'll get used to it.

Still no baby yet, it's taking a long time but to be honest, I am not due before another 8 days so I have to be patient don't I? Everyone is curious to meet this little addition to the family and ofcourse so are we! I really really really want to hold her, love her, take care of her, kiss her silly and ofcourse.... show her to the world but most important to her Daddy!!! So come on little one, please come out, it's great out here too! And it's going to be warm as well this week! And grandpa really wants you to be born before his 60th birthday which is saturday so humor me and show!!!

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