maandag, juni 01, 2009

Just one month to go!!!

Hi there!
Well today exactly, just one month to go and we'll have our little girl, well that is if she cooperates ofcourse! It's my due date then to be more exact! She's still comfortable in there and I don't mind, I feel great, and take time for myself when needed. I am still in cleaning mood but that's ok too, still don't hear my husband complain ;-) It's almost done though so then the real holiday and rest can start! (or I probably think of some other stuff to do!)
Yesterday I made a pic from behind, as you can see, you couldn't tell I am pregnant from that rear end view ;-) I even still have a waist! I am sooooo happy with that! I will make some new bellyshots tomorrow as my belly really has grown over the past 2 weeks! This Friday I'll have my check up again.

And then we are expecting the kittens as well ofcourse!! Last sunday (not yesterday) we could go over there again to visit our little new loves! This picture is of the male Eros, we made it last sunday. He's such a pretty boy!
This one is taken last friday by the catteries owner Cristina, here Eros is exactly 10 weeks old and just had a bath!This is my sweet husband holding the little girl Eos, she will probably be called Shiva but we are not certain just yet.
And this is the pic Cristina took again after her bath at exactly 10 weeks old!Doesn't she look pretty and like a real princess? And look at their bellies, they are soooo cute and round!!! Love them already! Sunday June 21st they'll be brought over by Cris en Ben to live here with our other cats, can't wait!!!!
Well this is it for now, I am tired after all the cleaning and stuff, I am going to take a shower and then probably crash on the sofa or on the bed (airco is on as it it HOT out here!!!). Tomorrow another day, back to normal after a very long weekend together due to bank holidays! I will miss my husband like crazy again tomorrow, I so love having him around!
Bye for now!

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