dinsdag, juni 16, 2009

Hi again!

How's life? Life here is full of expectations! To our 3 babies! Yes 3! Ofcourse our own little baby girl (who again has the hick ups right now, you should see my belly!!) And our 2 little kittenbabies! Here are 2 new pics at 12 weeks, aren't they adorable. I am so happy Cris keeps on sending us these cuties! Just 5 more sleeps ;-)

I am actually scrapping today! Yes I am! It has been a while again but I really wanted to do something before the little girl comes and I might not have time to do so for a long while! So I started a lo for her album already, I just need to add the pic then. It's not finished yet as I am a slow scrapper!

My health is still ok but my hips and pelvis aren't. They hurt like crazy and I can't walk a lot nor stand up a lot. So I feel a bit handicaped now and need to accept the fact that I can't do much anymore but take it easy and wait for her arrival. I really need to go back to the store 1 more time as I took the wrong thing and need to bring it back, and hopefully I can make it! The other things I need to do will be done or someone will help me do them! I am happy to have friends and family to help me out!!
I have a busy week this week but I love it, makes time fly! Keeps the waiting do-able! Tomorrow my friend Kelly comes for dinner again which I love so much as I haven't seen her in over 5 years and 2 weeks ago she came over, and now she will be here again! So happy!!! At night we need to take the other 2 cats to the vet for their shots.
Thursday's program is the hairdresser Nienke!
Friday in the morning I need to take Daisy to the vet to get her teeth fixed, and a blood checkup, my dad will take us there (thanks dad!) and Igor will pick her up at the end of the afternoon. At 14.15 hrs I need to get my own checkup at the midwife's again and hopefully it's the last one!!
Saturday is just an easy day after all this, no plans but do a little household and stuff like that, take it easy. And sunday is the big day... our kitties will come!!!
Here are 2 new bellyshots of yesterday at 37 weeks and 5 days! Isn't it huge? I LOVE it!

2 opmerkingen:

Ria zei

Hey Angela! Je meisje is of heel groot, of je hebt veel water bij je, maar meid, wat een enorme buik heb je! Je ziet er wel moe uit, maar dat kan ook niet anders. Nog eventjes, dan sluiten jullie je dochter echt in de armen! Sterkte met je kwalen, nooit makkelijk ....

Anoniem zei

Hoi Angela,

Wat een mooie buikfoto weer meid! Ik had op het laatst ook zo'n enorme toeter, maar het gekke is dat je dat zelf toch minder doorhebt. Pas als je het een tijdje nadat je bevallen bent weer terugziet dan dringt het door (tenminste, dat was bij mij zo ;) )
Geniet van je allerlaatste weekjes met de baby nog in je buik. Ik ben zoooo benieuwd! Niet gaan bevallen voordat ik terugben van vakantie he? haha. Grapje hoor!
Doe rustig aan en sterkte met de laatste loodjes!