vrijdag, januari 18, 2008

lil update

here I am again behind my pc on a rainy and lazy afternoon. Got tons of things I want to do but no energy to do them! That's because I had to go through a lot yesterday, did a lot as well and it wore me out! So this morning I decided to do only the necesairy householdchoirs and then nothing! I wanted to scrap but even to tired to do that! So instead I'm reading blogs and messageboards. Oh and for those who know what I had to do yesterday; it all turned out good! I am relieved!

What's next? I finished my thank-you cards for the wedding, I took my dress to a tailor as it had to be taken in and a new zipper as I wasn't happy with the original one, I went to the beauticien to get some info and I will call her tomorrow or next week for an appointment for a treatment and a trial make up! Letters are send, bills have been payed so only 4 more weeks to go from today and I can call myself a "wife" how odd. I am a little nervous about it all but at the same time I am really looking forward to it.

What do we need to do? Well I am working on a reception-book, flowers, igor will go there next week to talk about them and pick them, a necklace, still haven't found the right one yet, music (i need to make a cd) and that's about it! We're pretty much done!
That's all I have to tell, no showing stuff this time! have a great day and weekend!
love angela

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Magpie zei

Just reading your list of things done and things to do is exhausting me! It is afternoon for you, and for me, I am still in my PJs and soon will get dressed and take my youngest to the school bus. My plan for at least part of the day is to pick one of the areas of the house that needs some sorting and purging and go all out. If my energy wanes, I will just have to eat some chocolate, lol! Good thing I do not have to worry about wedding dress fittings!

Jackie zei

Heerlijk toch zo'n luie dag !!
Ik denk dat ik zo ook maar lekker naar huis ga, en lekker bank hangen of scrappen...

Ann(i)e Hafermann zei

wow....lots to keep you busy!!

china59 zei

Hehe ! I'm with you on the "no scrapping-blog watching instead" thing !
Seems like the wedding preps are going on alright ! How exciting is that ?!