vrijdag, januari 25, 2008

update friday (lots of pics)

Hiya girls,
O promised some pics so here I go! First of all I forgot to show week 3 of my 52 confessions! Nr 4 is on it's way. I think I will show it tomorrow. So here are the front and back of nr 3. On the front I am putting my confession and on the back what I did right, so I can keep up the good work on my resolutions.


This is a lo I made at an online crop at Bag of Memories! At first I thought it was a little bold so I added the extra journaling and a stamp!

This is a lo I made for the One little Word challenge. It's my second time and I really love this! It really makes me think things through! This is about me and my constant stream of thoughts and how I wish it was still or silent sometimes. Sorry for the crappy pic, I know I should do better.

Then there's my new bunny Roos/Rose that we got pregnant. We don't mind though as we know for certain they all will have warm and cozy places to go to. We think it's starting now. She is nesting since yesterday morning. These are the pics I took today. She's so adorably cute and soft and cuddly!

And then last but not least; Igor and I are going to take a photography class together! We really wanted to do this ever since we started photography in may 2005 but we first wanted to have a better camera. We did in May 2006 and now we really got to know the camera better and want to grow more into photography. We were also looking for something fun to do together as a hobby so we filled out the form and we will have a place in this class! It's 6 nights for course A. And then we can also take course B which is 6 nights as well. It's not a beginners class as the photographer said we knew enough already to skip that one! So it's a few months of waiting and then we will be able to make really good pics!

Oh and for those who are counting with us... just 3 more weeks!!!!


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jconnair zei

The bunny is adorable. My daughters are always after us to get a bunny, but I am resistant! Two hamsters and a parakeet are plenty for me, lol.