maandag, januari 21, 2008


... an update again! I've been lacking of inspiration to block these past few days. Been busy with some other stuff. Ok I did scrap some! I made a few christmascards already (I love magnolia prints!) and I made 1 lo (no photo yet) and I made a guestbook for our wedding (nope, also no pic yet). I worked on a minibook I can't show yet and that's about it! I've been looking at 2 peas a whole lot! I had some great inspiration from that!

Yesterday we visited my sister and B-I-L which was nice. They have a lovely little home for themselves that we hadn't visited before so now we did (now don't complain no more little sis;-) )

Oh today I made some new cupcakes (well for me they are new) choc 'n cherry (oh I am so horrible, no pics either) as we have the man from city hall over who's getting us married! This week I will also make appointments with the beauticien, thursday we have to visit the notary to pass the whole contract. And hopefully this week or next we will be picking up our rings! My dress is ready this saturday and I will buy lingerie then too. And then? We are finished! Love it!

Hope to show you some pics soon of what I made but here are some of my x-mas cards that I made so far, well it's just 1 card but 4 pages!

5 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

Hoi angela!
Dank je wel voor je lieve berichtje. Ik heb de hotfix nog niet, maar je kan hem bestellen bij
Xxxx Barbara

Magpie zei

Your idea of not getting much done is very funny! Do you realize how many accomplishments you just named off in this post. Sounds to me like you were very productive!

Jackie zei

Wat een lieve kaartjes...
en geinig vormpje..anmivrat

Jackie zei

ik heb helemaal geen anmivrat geschreven, hahaha

weet zelf niet eens wat het is, hahaha

Lisa zei

aw.. these cards are cute!