zaterdag, januari 12, 2008


again! I made a lo about my sweet little daisy!
Don't you just love this cute little face and she's so naughty!

I will make my confession of this week after this post. Already have a ton of ideas of what to confes! I will also update my 365 in a few minutes.

What's up here? Well not much yet. Still doing my thing, being busy with my resolutions and it's going sooooo well! I already lost 2 kilo's! I moved more (walked every day) ate better and threw out a diet I got a while ago, it didn't work, it only made me gain weight, so I am doing great!
This monday the man who's getting us married will stop by for a talk, I just have to make a few more cards, call the beauticien and that's about it! Just relax, only 1 month! (ok and a few days) Oh and this is what I got from Igor last thursday:

Paper, glue and binders for the bind it all! 12 pieces so I will have enough for a while now!
have a great weekend

6 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Love the layout--you do have a pretty cat! I am more of a cat person, too, so there is another thing we have in common from across the world!

hilde janbroers zei

nice lay out girl!!!

Diane Dolan zei

I love the bind-it-all stuff. I dont know why I am so afraid of mine. Congrats on your impending marraige! Try to relax and enjoy the process. Cute cat.


Jackie zei

Spannend, bijna trouwen....
heb je een aftel kalender, hihi

Fijn weekend..

Lisa zei

Cute layout!

china59 zei

Congrats for your weight loss ! That's so cool !

Can anyone ever get tired of scrapping such a cute face as your cat's ? She looks wonderful !