zondag, januari 13, 2008

yummy shares!

Ok I wanted to share today! As everyone loves to see pics and lo's and all so I will today!
This is the 2nd confession of 52 I made yesterday. on the front it says that I LOVE bedslippers, bedsocks, PJ's and robes.

On the back it says what I did right this week so I will keep up with my resolutions as I am determend to do so all year!

These are some pics of yummy cupcakes I baked over the last 2 weeks, don't they look delicious?

carrot/walnut cupcake with orange frosting

Raspberry chocolate cupcake with ganache on top

I made this up on my own, it's a chocolate/orange cupcake with cardemom

and cinnamon

What else to tell? Well this month has been about thinking, rearranging and getting things in order which made a big difference in my life already. I changed a lot of things, made some big decisions and what do you now, I made them with the right intensions and they worked out just as I hoped they would. I met some pretty interesting new people who all seem to be in the same place as I am (not geographically) so we can learn from each other here! Love it!

This week is going to an exciting one for me, some stuff will happen that I really don't want to talk about right now as they get me nervous but it has a lot to do with our future and it even depends on it for a big deal so please keep your fingers crossed for us! It's out of my hands so I'll just have to have faith that all will turn out as it should.

Big hugs


5 opmerkingen:

Lisa zei

Wow, nice new look to your blog. A change does the body good every once in a while :) Those cup cakes look divine... so good I think I can smell them from here!

hilde janbroers zei

yummy, want to taste a delicious brownie!!!

Magpie zei

What a brilliant idea--keeping a list of things you are doing right. You should start a thread on SIS called "name something you did right today". Maybe we'd all end up feeling better about ourselves if we did this!

Jackie zei

mmmmmm, Lekker...
Ik ben gek op bananen cakie's..

china59 zei

So glad you're keeping up with your health agenda !
Your cupcakes look delicious !