dinsdag, juli 10, 2007

Visiting Nic

Well last sunday we finally went over to see my scrapfriend Nicole We initially planned it a week before but due to my flu we couldn't. I say "finally" because it has been 1,5 months ago!!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pics (what kind of scrapper am I?) but she did! She made some cute pics of me and my sweetie. It was a great day and had great fun. She has some cute cute cats and a surprise as she didn't tell me she got this adorable new kitten called miepie. We gave her and the kids a new baby rabbit that she called "Angie" after Igor and me, crazy woman!

We ate yummy Indonesian Lemper which I never had before but determened to make them myself soon! And I got this cute present! We decided we would make one another a scrapalbum and send each other 1 lo per month and I had send her mine a few weeks ago but I got hers sunday and she already made me one lo about Miepie (she reminds me of a kitten I once had, she looks like him in so many ways!) and she made me a green necklace which I totaly love. She made the beads herself with fimoclay, really amazing and haven't figured it all out yet how she did that! Love it anyway. She made to match my new shirt!!!! Here are the pics.

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