maandag, juli 30, 2007

Vintage/Romantic BOM

Hi there!
Yesterdayevening and this morning I finished 3 vintage kinda lo's. I lifted a lo from Hilde as I think she makes great lo's in vintage kinda style with lace and all and I love those but I thought it was rather difficult to make one so I decided to lift one. I loved it so much I wanted to make a spread so I pasted the papers in opposite directions but glued the lace at the wrong end on the second lo :-( Well I love them anyway! I loved it so much that today I wanted to make one all on my own so no examples and I am sooooo happy with it! (It's the third pic.)
The first 2 are about romantic memories I have from our dating period, I love them so much I really had to scrap them. One of them is that we ate strawberries for breakfast at 6.30 am in the backyard in bikini/shorts as the weather was so terrific! I was house-sitting at that time and we enjoyed that period so much! The other memories are on tags behind the pic of roses.

This third lo is about our wish to get married but due to circomstances we can't just yet and I sometimes wonder if we ever will...

I am already working on a new lo again for my BOM and I love working on it and really enjoy it as well! Scrapping works theraputic, it really does! Relaxing, exciting and all different emotions mixed together!

6 opmerkingen:

Nic zei

Inderdaad heel anders wat je normaal maakt maar mooooooooi hoor!
En wat was je toch een mooi bruidje ;)

hilde zei

nou meid, je hebt het prima gedaan! Je hele eigen draai eraan gegeven...super!
En ik vind het een hele eer dat je mij gelift hebt....xxxxxxx

sanderijn zei

hartstikke leuk geworden zeg deze drie met infuze papier, ik vind ze zeer geslaagd!

Linda zei

Heel mooi zeg! Vooral de trouw lo.

Snoes zei

ongezouten mening hè?
wauw.....super mooi

majootje (marjolein) zei

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI! vooral die trouw lo! Helemaal prachtig! Enne meis, wat als ik nou zeg dat ik denk dat jij wel gaat trouwen.... helpt dat (wink)?