zaterdag, juli 21, 2007

Holidays and gifts

Well today I had an amazingly great day! I was feeling ok, went out and actually shopped and enjoyed it! Yesterday school holiday started, so no screaming kids in front of my door! sigh! Across the street there's a school for kids between 4 and 12 years and every hour it's a lot of noise and I usually don't mind, but now that it's going to be silent for a couple of weeks....
Anyway my sweetheart bought me this gift so it wouldn't be all silent anymore! Crazy him. You know what he bought? Lookieeee at this, aint it freakin' cute?

So this morning I went shopping for a game for this pretty girl and succeeded ofcourse. After that I bought a present for Nic's daughter Amaya, just 2 more to go and all kids will be a bit spoiled August 5th! I also bought some new clothes, espadrilles, flipflops, a black t-shirt Igor will airbrush for Nic's son Sammy, Lazy pants, lotion, and I visited a supermarket that recently opened it's doors here. Well it was there already but they expanded and rebuild all etc and it was my first time to go there and MAN am I in love! This mondaymorning I will go again and do my groceryshopping over there totally calm no stress and observe what's there! Looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend all!

3 opmerkingen:

LiaS zei

Wat een verwennerij, das nog eens een leuk kado!! Lief je mannetje hoor!

Nic zei

Waaaaaaaah meis wat lekker allemaal en too cute is je Nintendo spelending!!! Helemaal gaaf!
Enneh die kids niet teveel verwennen hoor! Straks zien ze je nog als suikertantetje hihihi
Lekker dat je nu zo'n gave supermarkt in je buurt hebt. Lekker boodschapjes doen ;) Je gaat goed he de laatste tijd!!! Ben trots op je liefie!


Eeffie zei

Spelen op de DS is echt superverslavend! Gaaf cadeau, hoor!