dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

Another 3!!!

New layouts! Yesterday I finished the first one which was almost done to begin with, so just a finishing touch, the second one I made yesterday evening and the third one this morning at 6 am! I started cutting out the letters yesterday but it almost gave me blisters!
It was soooo hot and humid that I hardly slept last night. I went in at 11 pm and slept at about 12, woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep after that, Igor had to get up half an hour later and when he went off to work I got up as well. So I am tired, sleepy and all but apparently it's great for my scrapMOJO!!! So I won't stop untill my eyes drop!

3 opmerkingen:

hilde zei

jij gaat hard! super hoor!!! leuke onderwerpen ook zeg....

Nic zei

Ze zijn gaaf en funny bunny was een verassing, heel nieuwe steil of vergids ik me nou?

Toppie weer liefie!

Anoniem zei

Your layouts are great! Very colorful. Hope you will sleep better tonight!!!