dinsdag, juli 24, 2007

Emotionally loaded

hello this beautiful day!
No the weather sucks but still it's a beautiful day! Why? Well I made some pretty and emotional and spiritually loaded lo's for my BOM. I really wanted to go a bit deeper than just what my favorite color of food is and so I did. I had a little help from a document I found on internet and just started writing and writing. And started scrapping. Most journaling is hidden as it is so personal but I can tell you a little about it though.

This first one is about our first kiss, what I thought, what I felt, and much more as it wasn't just a kiss but a beginning of a whole new time for me.

This one is about what I learned from you, like stand up for myself and watch my boundries, I am alllowed to say NO and many more things, it's all hidden behind the tag which you can open up like a little book.

And last but surely not least is what you mean to me. This might not be the most beautiful lo I ever made, but the feeling is sooooo true en deep and sincere and pure that in a way it IS the most beautiful one.

I really love this little travel through my feelings! I ofcourse will make some lo's that are about my favorites and all but those are the more obvious subjects that you might tell anyone if you know what I mean. So I am scrapping my butt off again and loving it!!
Oh and yesterday I went on a little shoppingspree again! I really have to practise to feel at ease even outside my own home and outside my "safe radius" and it's really really hard but I am getting there. Yesterday I had a great day and made great progress and hope to keep it up! Today I had "a day off" as the weather is crap, but tomorrow it will be dry all day (they say) so I will try again to go somewhere! Will keep you posted.

8 opmerkingen:

hilde zei

nou dat ziet er heel mooi, en lieflijk uit...en als het uit het hart is, is het altijd het allermooist!

Annemiek zei

ik vind de liefde eraf stralen(zeg je dat zo??)

Anoniem zei

Your layouts are really speaking out. There is true love! I liked reading the story behind them.


Majootje zei

I'm loving it!!!

Sonja zei

Wauw meid, wat een geweldige lootjes en foto's!!!

*fauve* zei

WOW beautiful stuff girl!

Nic zei

Wow meis, wat mooi, mooi in beeld maar zeker ook prachtig in woord!
Heb er verder geen woorden voor, tis prachtig!

CĂ©line zei

wat een prachtige lo's en de tekst zo mooi. Vind het zo lief.