zondag, augustus 02, 2009

What to do on a terribly rainy day?

well... BLOG!!!
Ofcourse about our little fairy, scrapping and baking cupcakes and our holiday! Lots to talk about that is! So I guess this will be a long post with lots of pics.
First some scrapping I have done! This is a lo I showed before but it wasn't finished back then. Now I added a picture, and date of birth and can show the name now ;-) I love how it turned out! This picture is actually taken 2 hours after birth!

Yesterday I got in my breastpomp and I tried it, and it worked! I could get some out and this was the first time "daddy" could feed her. She took the bottle without hestitation and finished it without a problem! Then she wanted more!Isn't she the cutest ever? I love you too little girl!!! Loads and loads and loads!! The thing she's wearing was meant to be her first outfit, just right after she was born in hospital but it was way too big, now it's just perfect! She looks so adorable and cute in it.

She makes funny faces every day and I could finally capture one on camera, it's hard but I managed, it's not her funniest face but it's one of them! Don't you just love the little hat on her? She doesn't have to wear it though but I wanted to show it on pic!

This pic was taken yesterday right after her bath. I putted her on her belly as I wanted to put lotion on her back, she looked so smart that I had to take this pic! I love her little naked body and bum!! It's so tiny!

And last but not least I have been baking some mini cupcakes cardemom/orange ones yummy! I decorated with buttercream (pink) with edable glitter!! And just simple pink sugar icing with glitter too! I love them and they taste so great! Loved doing this again after such a long time! Next time I will probably bake a pretty cake with decoration like Wilton does! Or at least I will try!
Enough for now, I am going to clean my desk and start working on Pixies lo's if she lets me as it is close to "feeding time"! Have a great sunday!

Ps this great kit is on it's way to finding my house! I ordered it atscrapbooking from the inside out
. The theme is SAFETY and the color of the kit is purple, my favorite color together with pink! Can't wait to get my hands on it and work with it!I made this album as the title says for my pregnancy bom. I used wallpaper from Pixies room to make the outside of it, just because I love it so much and had loads left and as a reminder for the future that that was what her room looked like. I filled it with the lo's I made so far but it's full and stuffed already! I still have some pics left I want to scrap so I guess I have to make a second album for this!This is a new album for Pixies lo´s, it´s an 8x8 size as I love this size to scrap in/on and I already have loads of ideas for her little journal! I just started writing down some of the ideas that I had and soon it were 2 pages filled with titles/ideas/sketches etc! So enough work for me to do ;-) This is made with the wallpaper from the other wall in her room, actually the same print but different colors!

4 opmerkingen:

Céline zei

Wat een lieve foto's weer. Die kleine meid is om op te vreten zo lief. Je cupcakes zien er ook uit om op te vreten, hahaha.
Leuk idee om je albums te "behangen" met het behang uit haar kamertje.
xx Céline

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat ben je lekker bezig op het moment!! Scrappen, cupcakes bakken en natuurlijk lekker met je meisje knuffelen..zo te horen gaat het allemaal super bij je! Fijn hoor :) Dat idee met dat behang vind ik echt heel gaaf, leuk verzonnen!

Liefs, Marije

Anoniem zei

Wat een super schattige foto's weer!! En wat groeit ze hard!
Je cupcakes zien er erg jammie uit, ik zie dat ik nog een hoop moet leren ;)
Vind de foto van Igor en Pixie echt heel lief, zo samen! Handig he, zo'n borstpomp? Kun je ook wat makkelijker (langer) weg.


Nicky zei

wat is in dit draadje een hoop moois te zien!! je meisje, de lo, de boekjes, de cupcakes... allemaal zoooo cute!!!