maandag, augustus 10, 2009

Another lo!!

Really people ask me how do I manage to have some time left to scrap with a 5 week old baby and 2 kittens! Well just plan well! I think it is important to have some "ME-time" as well on a day, so when she takes her afternoon nap, I take that time for myself, during the morningnap I do some household and late afternoon nap again some household. In the evenings I have all the time for our little family and if DH goes out to do something for himself and our little lady is in bed, I have some time left again to do some laundry or scrap!!!

This is a scraplift from a lo I saw on 2 peas, forgot her name, sorry!!! I made it my own ofcourse and I love it again! I am already working on a new one again!

There are some days that babies just wont stop crying or are not satisfied with anything you do, this morning was one of them so I tried pretty much everything. Some pics of today:
Pixie in her carryer on my belly asleep within minutes!

In her own chairs, she likes it but her belly doesn't, she threw up in this chair twice! Look at her big round belly after dinner!
Her playthingy, she didn't like it just yet!
Love how it looks ;-) feels fine to me!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Wiebine zei

Wat een superleuke lo weer Angela, en wat is het toch een plaatje he,

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat een prachtige LO, hij is echt helemaal af!! En die foto's van je mooie meisje zijn ook weer super schattig..ik hoop dat ze zich morgen weer een beetje beter voelt!

Liefs X, Marije

Bieke zei

Wat een prachtige Lo. Een wat een mooi meid heb je toch. Hopelijk is het morgen wat beter.

natacha zei

schitterende lo
mooie foto's van je kleine meid
groetjes natacha xx