donderdag, augustus 27, 2009

Dresses and sadness

Well I found me something interesting besides scrapping! Making babydresses!!!
I got this pattern of a cute little dress and had some fabric left of the blankets I made for Pixie. I tried making it with those leftovers before buying expensive fabric. This is how it turned out:
A bit too big and fluffy and I just HAD to try it on her! Doesn't she look cute? So I decided that with little adjustments I could make it work so I bought these fabrics. The 2 on te right are for the dress which is already halfway done!!! The pink on the left is for sweatshirts and pants so I will probably make pants of it and maybe a little skirt. The purple one with the dots... I have no clue yet!!!

Then we had some visitors again last week, one of them, Igors colleague bought us this cute little winter outfit!! She's spoiled again this week! This sunday we will visit friends of us, who already spoiled her, but couldn't help but do it again so they bought a load of pressies again! So cute and sweet! Gets me all shy!
Then there's the little girl ofcourse who is doing so great!!! I am so enjoying being a mommy!! I really should have started sooner ;-) Yesterday I had my final check up at the gyn/obs which made me a little sad, because the whole periode of being pregnant/delivery/new mommy is over now. No more check ups, back to normal life as it is :-( A very special period has come to an end and it's tough on me I noticed to close that up and go on. I felt so special, wonderful, like a real woman (I still do but ok...), shining and now I feel like that has to stop as well, can't really put into words how I feel right now.
The doctor noticed that I was still shining and in love with my baby and he said; your still glowing, I am SURE we will see each other again someday soon!
I hope he's right!!! I can't get pregnant for another 4 months at least because of the c-section and the wound so not that soon mister LOL!!!! He's a very nice and sweet and patient man, so no worries for the future for me! Hopefully we will be blessed to have another one someday. But for now I am sooooo happy and thoroughly enjoying our little Pixie-baby!!!

2 opmerkingen:

Ria zei

een heel lief jurkje heb je gemaakt ans! en dat pakje....te lief!

Chantal zei

wat een geweldig jurkje zeg!!

Kan me voorstellen dat je een beetje verdrietig bent dat deze periode er nu op zit maar er volgen vast nog vele mooie periodes met jullie elfje!!!

Vind het heerlijk om te lezen hoe enthousiast je over je kindje schrijft en kan dan haast niet wachten tot ik zover ben :)
nog 6 maandjes geduld....