zondag, augustus 16, 2009

Pixie 6 weeks old

First of all, Pixie had a very long long night!!! She slept at 11 after a bumpy start of the night! But she was soooo tired that she slept until 6!! Loved that! Then I fed her and we slept again til 9.15!! Yeah so energy enough today!!!
At 12 we went to my sister as she had a huge bag of clothing for our little girl that we got from her friends!!! Ofcourse we had to take pics with Pix and auntie Sabrina.

This is the pile of clothes on our livingroom floor, ready to be sorted out! Eos already started!

Pixie is 6 weeks old today which officially ends a period we call "kraamtijd", so now it's back to the real world and get off that pink cloud 9!!! Too bad though! I loved being there ;-) Anyhow, we are still being spoiled rotten for our little babygirl! Everyone is bringing us presents, and can't resist buying those minisocks or shirts or whatever they find and it's all adorable!!! I never thought this would happen and I knew we had some close friends and relatives but I never imagined this much! I am so grateful for it all!! Makes me feel warm, loved and all emotional (still blaming it on the hormones though!)

As I said Pixie is 6 weeks now, she is learning and developing new skills so fast!!! She's already rolling over from her back onto her side and to her belly, today she even tried to roll back but she hasn't got the hang that just yet. (fast isn't she?). She is smiling a lot but I haven't managed to get that on camera just yet, here is a smurk though hehe.

I have been scrapping as well with a wonderful kit I mentioned earlier, from scrapbooking from the inside out. The theme is "safety" and I made 2 lo's already, 1 for fun and 1 is a challenge from the messageboard. I will make pics tomorrow. I am also expecting another package tomorrow with scrapgoodies, I ordered another load of Basic Grey Lemonade you see, I couldn't resist! I love it so much! It inspires me big time!

Well enough for now, it's past 10 pm now and I think my little one wants to be nursed again in a little bit, and I really want to take a shower before that, it's been hot again today and this upcoming week, it will even be hotter!!! Poor little Miss Pixie :-(

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Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat een prachtige foto's weer van je kleine meisje! En wat een trotste tante :) Ze straalt helemaal! Ik ben benieuwd wat voor mooie LOtjes je weer hebt gemaakt van die gave kit!! Daar kan jij wel wat mee, dus...nieuwsgierige ik! ;)

Liefs, Marije

Ria zei

Wat een prachtig meisje hebben jullie angela!En wat gaat het hard zeg! Je hebt mooie foto's gemaakt, en die kleertjes :D Poes is ook errug nieuwsgierig...