maandag, augustus 24, 2009

Little Update

Oh no we can't get enough of each other! I just nursed her and we had this great little moment where she stares at me for a long time and I love those moments, she has the most beautiful blue eyes!! Yes I am in love with my own daughter !!!

And this is the smile you get when you open your eyes in the morning! A very wide smile and shiny eyes!!! She looks well fed I know ;-)

And dear daughter/mommy moments, look at me being tired!!! It was a long long long, very long (did I mention long?) night that night!! I still love her anyways!
I so love being a mommy, it comes natural to me, I think I am a born mother and I would LOVE to have another baby someday (soon). We ofcourse are now enjoying Pixie to the fullest and want to enjoy each and every minute of her, and I can, I still don't have to work up until April next year! So she'll be 9 months old by then! So fortunate to be in this position with her!!

She is still suffering from cramps, that's so sad. "They" say it will take up until 3 months before it's over and it's at it's worst at 5 to 7 weeks so we are in the worst part of it right now, and hopefully things will get better soon for her.

My friend Silvia came over yesterday, we picked her up at the station and she stayed with us for a while, this was the only "normal" picture we took!! We've known each other for a while now (over a year now, july 2008) and this was the first time we actually met! She came to see Pixie too ofcourse ;-)
Then some scraprelated stuff... this is the lo I made for a challenge, from scrapbooking from the inside out. The challenge was to scrap about something that kept you safe or give you that feeling when you were little, designtwist was to use the velvet paper from the kit, I made flowers with that. So this is my take on the challenge!!
This is it again for now, I am going to get Pixie out of her bed as she is still crying and doesn't want to go to sleep! So I think I'll put her in my own bed and lay next to her for a while, mommy could use a nap too!
Last but not least my friend Marije, gave birth to a dear baby girl yesterday!!! I am so happy for her as it took her so long, I am so proud!!! She send me a text message about half an hour after she was born and I was jumping up and down with tears in my eyes!!!! So again Marije congrats!!!

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jacqueline zei

Wat een prachtig mooi meisje is ze Angela!!!
Ik had nog niet echt de mogelijkheid gehad om op mijn gemak te bloggen.
Nu ben ik even rustig op je blog aan het kijken!!!
Ben helemaal verliefd wahahaha.
Je LO's zijn anders ook prachtig geworden zeg!!!
Groetjes Jacqueline

Angelique zei

Wat een schatje is Pixie toch en je lo is ook hartstikke leuk geworden

Ria zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Ria zei

Ach gossie Ans, wat een droppie jullie Pixie!! en ja, je ziet er moe uit, maar wel heel gelukkig, en dat telt!

Nicky zei

heel mooi meisje heb je.... en je geluk met haar spat van je blog af!! leuk dat je je vriendin nu ontmoet hebt! bijzonder he, hoe digitaal zo;n vriendschap kan ontstaan... mooie lo heb je gemaakt trouwens (vergeet ik bijna)! liefs,

CĂ©line zei

Wat een lieve foto's van Pixie. Heb ik het goed gezien dat ze een kuiltje in haar wang heeft?
Bijzonder dat je een vriendschap zo hebt opgebouwd online.
Leuke layout heb je weer gemaakt!