donderdag, augustus 20, 2009


Well I finally worked on my kit from "scrapbooking from the inside out". As I mentioned before the theme is SAFETY so I used the word SAFE to make this lo about Pixie and me, I typed a letter for her to read when she gets older and pasted it onto the back of the lo And this is proud dad playing with his little baby girl and he LOVES it!

It's like really hot out here, too hot to do anything so now that I put Pixie to bed (finally as she suffers from the heat as well poor thing) I will scrap again with the kit to do a challenge that has to do with "what kept me safe as a little girl". Love that idea. I have been working on it already, just needs a finishing touch!
Last but not least some pics of Pix! Here Pix is sharing her carrier with Eos our Sphinx, she loves being around Pixie at all times!!! When I nurse Pixie, Eos is lying on my lap watching the whole thing ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Anam_Kihaku zei

beautiful photos & layout.

the piccy of the cat in the basket makes me smile - our cats used to sleep with Fay - best watchdogs ever!

love the look on her daddy's face :)

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Heel mooi die LO!! Ben benieuwd naar die waar je mee gaat beginnen ;)

De foto's zijn na-tuur-lijk weer super! Wat lief dat Eos zo op haar past hihi :) wat een maffe beesten zijn het toch die katten..

Liefs, X

Ria zei

prachtige LO Angela!
En idd de foto's zijn erg lief...