dinsdag, januari 02, 2007

Happy New Year to All

First of all: happy new year to you all; I hope you will all have a healthy, creative, loving and inspiring 2007! We didn't do much, watched some tv and only won € 10,00 in the state lotery, but hé we at least won something! I didn't set a lot of goals for this year, just some spiritual stuff oh and I made a list of things I really want to buy this year!

Today I started off buying myself a secondhand scooter, a Kymcom DJ, bright orange but as usual I never leave things the way they are, always want to change it to my likings so same story here. I just can't choose between a few option. For instance I wanted to paint it iceblue with bright silver shiny stars, ór purple in different shades starting in a dark shade and upwards it gets lighter, or purple, just one shade and make some baroque or doodles on it. Just don't know yet.

Here's a lo I made for the contest and I didn't win so I can show it now. Or actually SNOW it now! The theme was "winterwonderland"

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Julie Ann zei

Very pretty layout. Gorgeous photo too. Happy New YeaR!!