donderdag, januari 25, 2007

Busy with some fun new stuff!!!

Hey girls,
How's life? I have been busy the last few days with all kinds of fun stuff! Ofcourse checking Elsie's Blog every day as I can't wait to see her new line with KI memories. I guess I will have to be patient just a few more days (untill saturday I think and really hope!!!). She also asked everyone about cool new music and I have been looking up those names in iTunes from Apple that goes with the iPod! Sooooo cool!!! I downloaded an album of Stephen Speaks and it is incredibly great! Listening to it right now. I discovered a whole lot more fantastic music, some strange, some way toooo loud for me but I am enjoying it a lot. Never thought I would enjoy it that much!
I also have been writing a lot again, true soulsearching and it's hard and confronting but it's worth every dime of it! I have discovered soooo much! It's nice to get to know me!

And ofcourse I have been doing some scrapbooking. Just a few 8x8" lo's. I am so looking forward to all the great new paperlines that are soon to be here (i hope!). I have all kinds of plans with them already!
Oh and last but not least I have been looking at really old pictures of my family and decided to make a little booklet about my grandpa, he's so funny! And some other projects I am working on and hope I can show them soon.
What has been inspiring you lately?

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Anoniem zei

Hoi Angela,

Als je op het message board van kijkt, staan daar al sneak peaks van de nieuwe KI Elsie Flannigan lijn.

Groetjes, marije

angel zei

hi marije thnx! Gelukkig staan ze inmiddels ook lekker op d'r blog en heb ik al lekker zitten kwijlen, een zeer hoog HEBBEN gehalte!

Anoniem zei


Ja, echt een groot hebben gehalte maar dat had ik helaas bij meerdere dingen die ik zag op Life time moments. Wat dacht je van de nieuwe Autumn Leaves en Basic Grey lijnen? Wouw, kwijl, kwijl!

Dat wordt sparen!!! xx