zaterdag, december 30, 2006

new lo's

hi there!
Yesterday Igor took me to paper and pictures to buy some scrapbooksupplies and I really enjoyed it again! I bought some christmaspaper to make a christmas mini-album, 2 packs of embellishments, some stickers and labels and a grey pritt ofcourse.
Igor bought me this great album with 25 refills! As a late christmaspresent!
It's great isn't it?

When we got home we had a quick supper as Igor and Adam had to bring the car to the garage to get it painted!!! Finally!!! I'll show the results when it's back!
Igor left and I went to my scraproom to work with my new stuff ofcourse. I finished 4 lo's! Ok most of it was ready but it was the finishing touch. One I can't show just yet as it is for a competition but I will show it as soon as the results are in.
This is my favorite:

This one is about my friend Kelly who lives in southern France now, this picture is us back in 1988 or 1989 I am not sure. It's also an Elsie Challenge #1

And this is an Elsie Challenge #2

I am off now; working on my christmasalbum!!!
(btw this is my 50th post!)

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Wat een heerlijke winkel is dat he Angela, helaas woon ik er een beetje ver vandaan om er vaak heen te gaan:(
Ik vind je lo's erg mooi geworden vooral de eerste is heel ontroerend;) de foto's zijn super bewerkt met die zachte waas erover;)
groetjes Carla

One cool chick zei

happy 50 post and i love the pages. that album is sooo cool! have a dandy new year girl!

hilde zei

really love your lo's girl! You did a great job!!!