woensdag, januari 10, 2007

part 2 of my christmasjournal

hi hi
Here are some more pages of my christmasjournal which is still not finished but I *love* working on it so I don't mind! Although it is comming to an end unfortunately. This way I am still a bit in the christmasspirit!!! Can't wait till it's christmas again! What do you think of this?

The rest of the pics are over HERE

5 opmerkingen:

Sabina zei

Wat zijn ze leuk!!!!! Die van je versiering vind ik helemaal geweldig.

angel zei

dank je! Ben ook erg blij met die foto's!

Julie Ann zei

These pages are so pretty. I really love the color teal. Off to look at the link.

One cool chick zei

i love these...and good for you on the weight lose!!!

we weill be skinny bitches before we know it!!!



Marjolein zei

Wat een geweldig idee om op die manier kerstfotoos te maken. Ik vind ze weer superrrr!