zondag, januari 07, 2007

Back again!

I am back after 3 days, no I haven't been anywhere but my computer has! It needed to be fixed, or at least 2 programms needed to be fixed so yesterday evening my computer came in again!
What have I been up to? Making my christmasjournal! I was and still am inspired by Julie Ann to make one. She made a digital one but I loved it so much I desided to make one of my own, not digital though. Here are a few pics of the first pages. The rest isn't finished yet, or not on a pic yet but I will share the rest pretty soon I promise! Julie Ann thanks for making such wonderful layouts and inspire me (us) to make one of my own!

The rest is over here Please do check!

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Mooie lo's weer!
Ik heb je getagd!

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This is fun!TFS