vrijdag, september 25, 2009

some scrapping done!

So I have been scrapping! Ok I started both things several days ago but somehow couldn't finish them but today I did. This is a Lo I lifted, clean and simple, journaling is alongside the edges of the paper in Dutch. It's about Igor holding Pixie for the first time, he held her before me and how he instantly became a daddy and fell in love!
This is a little giftbox that fits the mailbox here. It's for one of my neighbours who is pregnant! So I decided to do this Pink or Blue thing and put pink and blue minisocks in it. I will put it in their mailbox later on today. I hope she will like it!
Today I made some funny pictures of Pixie again as it's my father in law's birthday this sunday and he wanted a pic of Pixie in a frame. I chose this great pretty frame that matches their interior, well the colors, and I also put pixie in the right color of clothing (slightly adjusted in photoshop), If he doesn't like it.. I surely do!!!

I will also start a minibook today for my uncle and aunt who live in CuraƧao and are here for 2 weeks to celebrate their birhtdays. I don't know what else to give them. I am also planning on making their b-day cake and ordered some stuff but I am afraid it won't be in, in time :-(
Tuesday 29th September, we will have a photoshoot with Pixie, so looking forward to it!!! I can't seem to make a pretty portrait of the 3 of us so now I asked the photographer to do it! I can't wait to see the results ofcourse!!! I will enlarge the pic and frame it to put on our livingroom wall!!

Oh and I almost forgot, my friend Nicky came over last wednesday with her son Milan, Pixies friend we already said they are going to get married some day ;-) He's exactly 11 weeks older than Pixie, don't they look cute together?

3 opmerkingen:

angelica zei

zo een leuk gegeschenkje
de foto's zijn ook wel de max

jacqueline zei

Je doosje is erg leuk.....erg leuk idee meis.
Je LO vind ik ook leuk maar zoals ik al gezegt had anders dan wat je normaal maakt.

En wat een superrrr fotos van je kleine meidje met haar vriendje wahahaha.

Groetjes Jacqueline

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat een prachtig mooie dingen heb je weer gemaakt zeg! Ik ben even niet online geweest omdat mn pjoeter t niet deed en je hebt een boel mooie dingen gemaakt..echt heel gaaf!!

En over je prinsesje, tsja ik kan het wel blijven zeggen; wat een schatje! Geniet van elk moment, want ze worden zooo snel groot!

Dikke knuffel!