maandag, september 14, 2009

Finally I scrapped again

Well a day of not feeling all that well results in a lo! I had a rough night so I decided to take it really easy today. Pixie is actually sleeping since 12.30 this afternoon so I took some "ME- time" to scrap! I still want to scrap so badly, and make pretty lo's telling her story so she'll have a great book when she grows up! I made quite a few lo's already but I can't catch up LOL!

This lo I made a few days back, it's a scraplift but I like how it turned out, especially the cluster on the right of the photo, but bright and busy papers are not really my thing, I proved it again to myself ;-)

Detail of the cluster

This is the Lo I started the other day but finished today!
another detail

And ofcourse... couldn't leave her out of this... look at my little princess in het pj's looking all smart and cute!!! punky hair!

10 weeks already my little darling baby girl, she's growing so fast, she's doing so well and she changes by the day and learns more and more how to controle her little body! I am so happy I can still nurse her and she's doing well on it! I was a little afraid I might not cope but I do and I am so enjoying it!! Even in the middle of the night (still twice per night)! I am really tired though and go to bed early and sleep in as well if I can. This morning we slept in until 9.30 am!

Her smiles are getting bigger and bigger and she is even trying to make sounds with that too! She's "talking" in her own sweet way making those sweet, soft and funny noises! Oh I could just eat her! My pride and joy! Ok I am still on cloud 9 but I am also being real, it's hard, really hard at times when she can't be comforted, doesn't want to sleep even though she's really tired, wants to eat allllll night long or doesn't want to be put down on her back. But smiles and giggles make everything all right, I am so lucky to have her in my life!
My health isn't all that unfortunately, I am severe anemic and have meds for that, little "mistake" the hospital made, oh well, we'll get over that as well. I just have to take things really slowly, eat well, rest well and really listen to my body. I have regular check ups now (bp and heartrate etc). Due to the meds I feel sick all day long, especially at night yuck, it even makes me throw up! And my panic attacks are worse due to the nausea as well so I am thrown back a little but I won't let it get me down, I can't! For my little girls sake! It might take a while but I'll be back on my feet soon again.

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Ria zei

Allebei heel mooi ans!!! Pixie is wel een schattig om mee te scrappen natuurlijk :D

natacha zei

2 schitterende layouts ook een mooie foto van je kleine meid
groetjes natacha

Lenet zei

prachtige LO's. Heel mooi en wat wordt het dametje al groot zeg!

Rbarakat zei

Hi Angela - just stoppin by to see how you are doing! Haven't seen you in a long time at SFTIO. Lil' Pixie looks gorgeous!!!You have been doing some beautiful work!!!HOpe all is well - can't read the rest of your blog but the pics look fabulous!