maandag, september 28, 2009

fun weekend

How are you girls? We are doing great! Well still anemic and all but I am feeling a bit better, we had a lovely but busy weekend and I enjoyed the lovely after summer weather!
We did a lot, like this friday I made this cute pic of Pixie as my father in law's birtday was coming up and he wanted a framed pic of her, so this is the pic, and we bought a lovely frame for it as well. He really liked it and will be put up on the wall!

Then last friday you got your first fruitsnack/bite and you loved it! You didn't even make funny faces over it! As she finished her spoon she looked at it like she wanted more and more and more!!

Then yesterday we went to 2 birthdays, first in the morning to Igors dad and in the afternoon to my parents as my uncle celebrated his 50th birthday there! Pixies nephew Jordi was there too and he really wanted to hold her. He was so proud that he could!!!

This is the birthdayboy (well not a boy anymore hehe) and he never, in his entire 50 years, held a baby before! Can you tell? LOL!!!
This is his wife who has lots of sisters with kids and she loved holding Pixie, cuddling her, telling her things (in Spanish) and she rocked her asleep! Thnx Aljadis!!! I need that!!! Don't they look lovely together all in red?

I scrapped them a small little gift as well, a minibook, very very simple (as he doesn't like "thingys") so it was a fast one! Here it is, warning, totally NOT my thing at all but he it's a gift and their wishes! I decided to use big rings as I can send them updates every now and then to add to the booklet as they live in CuraƧao and probably won't see Pixie very soon again, she can walk by the time they will see her again!

Oh and you know what... she laughed out loud last week, luckily I have a little film of that on my mobile!!! It makes me laugh every time I look at it! Emily had a title for her blogupdate that said "Love is an understatement" well that applies so much to how I feel about Pixie! I could just eat her and want to cuddle her all day!!! Still on cloud 9 I guess ;-) I intend to stay!!!

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

prachtig boekje ans .....leuk cadeautje hoor!! en wat word ze toch groot al !!! een moppie is het!! liefs raffa

Angelique zei

Harstikke lief miniboekje van zo'n mooi minimensje. Ik ben benieuwd hoe dat ze het boekje zullen vinden,

liefs Angelique

ScrapEnjoy zei

Wow, wat een lief boekje heb je gemaakt meis, mooie herinnering voor Pixie, als ze groot is.

liefs Lilian

Boukje zei

Wat een leuk boekje! Leuk dat randje steeds langs de foto!
Groetjes Boukje.

Nicky zei

ik vind je boekje zooo leuk! ik wou trouwens dat ik een spaanse buuf had, ik wil zoooo graag spaans leren spreken en verstaan! zo grappig dat je buurman nog nooit een beeb had vastgehouden zeg!

Nicky zei

oh sorry, ik heb je verhaal niet goed gelezen! het waren je buren niet, het is je familie van curacao! sorry...