woensdag, september 09, 2009

On a walk

That's what we did yesterday, we went for a walk, a long one as we decided to walk down to our vegpatch! It was a lovely day and it's a very pretty piece of nature we had to walk through so we didn't mind at all.

1) baby duck that we saw in the pond next to our house 2) a view from the vegpatch 3) a pineapple-melon 4) berry 5) a butterfly 6) lettace 7) raspberry 8) fish 9) igor

Then on our way back home we made some pics with our little cutie!!! She loved the walk by the way but we forgot her umbrella so she couldn't see all that much due to the sun.

He so loves his little girly!!

Then there's this funny thing... When I was a baby my mom got this cute little DRESS for me, made out of a hankerchief! I got it when Pixie was born but forgot to make pics of it when she wore them. Today I tried it on again to see if I could make a picture and it did fit but it isn't a dress anymore but a shirt LOL!!! She still looks cute in it anyways!!!

And... I am scrapping!!!! So as soon as Pixie will go to sleep again, I will finish a lo, finally!!

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Ria zei

onwijs leuke foto's Ans!! En die van Pixie zijn toch echt te lief hoor!