dinsdag, september 15, 2009

First Present for Pixie

Ok my daughter is being spoiled rotten but that's what other people do ;-) I only bought her clothes and all that kind of stuff, that she actually needs! Today I bought her her first real present from mommy and daddy! I even had it wrapped up!

This is what was in the little black box, a sweet lovely little bracelet with her name on it, I think it is soooo cute!!!

And this is it on her wrist, it looks so sweet and she was laughing a whole lot when I put it on, so perhaps she knows and loves jewelery just as much as her mommy (as if).

Nothing more to tell besides that I need to scrap a lot because I can't buy any new stuff until my paperstack is reduced by half! It is not all that much cause I am picky when it comes to paper but the thing is... I don't scrap that much or fast and there's so much coming up that I really want to have!!! So I am going to leave you here and scrapppppp!!!!
Bye for now!

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

ohhhh wat schattig !! wat een moppie is het zeg ...zat net nog ff op je blog te lezen , komt giulia voorbij lopen en zegt ahhhhhhh wat lief ze heeft net als dante annanas haar whahahahha zo schattig!!
liefs raffa

CĂ©line zei

Hahaha, begreep al niet waar de ananas vandaan kwam op het forum!!
Wat een schattig armbandje. Zo lief en vooral dat lekkere mollige polsje waar het omzit. Zooo lief!!

natacha zei

oooh echt schattig

Boukje zei

Ahh, dat staat altijd zo lief!!

Ria zei

zie je wel!! Wat lief!!!

Lenet zei

Wat ontzettend schattig!! Ik vind dat altijd zo leuk zo'n armbandje om een mollig babyarmpje