zondag, juli 05, 2009

And there she is....

Our little girl!! She's born on:Sunday July 5th. at 4.33 hrs. It was quite a delivery but it was worth it (how cliché right?). I ended up with a C-section We are enjoying one another, getting to know each other, getting the hang of things and learning things, relaxing, cuddling, playing and being so incredibly proud!
And here name is...... (drumrole please)....


which means fairy of the waterfall in different (mainly English/Welsch/Irisch and Keltic) folklores. We so love the meaning of this as she really is our fairy, our little princess. We always say that the story about Igor and I coming together is like a fairytale with a happy ending so this name is just perfect for our lives and to add to our lives!

So if I am not around as much on the blog of board, this is what we are occupied with ;-) CU soon again! I will post some pics soon too!!!


5 opmerkingen:

Anam_Kihaku zei


such a sweet name - cant wait for piccies.

Rachel zei

Angela...congrats and best wishes! Looking forward to seeing her precious face and your LOs about her...wonderful!

Rbarakat zei

Congrats! Hope you are feeling good! What a perfect name for the little princess!

Siobhan zei

Cogratulations Angela and Igor, such a sweet name for your little one. Looking forward to seeing the pictures

bjay zei

congrats, angela! I love her name!


share some pictures soon!