zaterdag, juli 25, 2009

Presents, loads of them!!

Hello again,
Wow Pixie is getting so spoiled! We got loads of gifts already (will show them later on) but these 2 we got the last few days. The package are 6 onesies that we got from my uncle from Curaçao and the other one from Ans, a sweet friend, such cute stuff don't you think?

Then I made gifts too! A little bragbook kind of thing for the grandparents. I already made the books when I was pregnant (in week 38 I think) but couldn't show them ofcourse since the babys name was on it and the parents couldn't see it yet. We will give them tomorrow but I am not afraid they'll see it before that as they never visit my blog anyway ;-) I saw this book on 2peas and loved it so much I lifted it as I totally lacked of inspiration back then!

Today was another day home alone for me as Igor is out for the day. I managed pretty well actually! I went for a walk with Pixie in the sunshine to the petstore and also buy some new cartridges. That was a big walk for me and I was so tired when I got home! Also little lady decided to keep us up til 1.45 am!! So I took a nap with her at noon! Lazy mommy right?
Well off to do some household before daddy comes home ;-)

ps before I forget, look at our little cutie naked ones, they are not so little anymore!!! I love these funny photos of them. The one with both of them on it is just before their bath! Dirty little funnies!

3 opmerkingen:

Rbarakat zei

Your baby pics are gorgeous! How blessed you are!

Céline zei

Heel erg leuk boekje geworden. Zo kunnen de trotse grootouders hun prachtige kleindochter aan iedereen showen!
xx Céline

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat een superschattige cadeautjes voor Pixie!! Wat wordt ze verwend!!! ;) Ook je boekje vind ik super, hoe vonden opa en oma hem? vast ook helemaal leuk!

Liefs, Marije